Youth Committee overnight retreat

December 2016

Please read BEFORE completing your Youth Committee Application!

At the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, we want Youth Committee to be as awesome of a growth and learning experience as possible for all participants. One of the ways we can ensure this is by letting you know ahead of time what the expectations are, how much of a time commitment is needed, and the different ways you can get involved! Below is some information about this youth leadership program that can help you make this decision.

Youth Committee is work! We have a lot of fun on YC, yes yes yes! And we also need folks to commit to attending full group meetings twice a month (Friday evenings 5:30-7:30), working with their project teams in between those meetings in order to complete the action steps they’ve committed to (this varies between 5-15 additional hours per month), and communicate in a timely manner (we use GroupMe and email as our primary communication tools). Unfortunately we are not yet at a place where we can afford to pay YC members for this work, but we are happy to have it count towards Service Learning hours.

Youth Committee work takes time! And thus, time management! Please be willing to start using your tools such as calendars and reminders to save important dates such as meetings, retreats, and deadlines. Also be realistic about how much time you have to commit to a project. If there are certain times of year where you are less available (sports seasons, annual musical, marching season, etc.), let folks know so we can manage expectations too! There are lots of ways to support the Youth Committee’s work - we want to make sure you find the best way for you! The first date to hold to begin this practice is Saturday, September 14 for YC Orientation (please hold 10:00am-6:00pm as a window, but exact times will be shared as the day is further developed).

Youth Committee may require some travel! We are a statewide organization that is Chicago-based. While we work really hard to make all of our meetings accessible to everyone no matter their location using video conferencing tools, we know that real team-building happens IRL! So there will be some events (like Orientation, occasional overnight retreats, and Action Camp) where our goal is to have as many folks attend in person as possible. Transportation assistance is always available to help with these costs. Additionally, other leadership opportunities may arise as a result of your involvement in YC, such as conferences and National Convenings; these travel opportunities are always invitation-based and not required.

Youth Committee is revolutionary! Because the work of the Alliance is rooted in anti-oppression frameworks, we work really hard to create a space within YC that doesn’t replicate harmful systems of oppression that many folks might experience on a daily basis. We ask that applicants come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and unlearn with care and compassion in community with others. Additionally, we ask all members to commit to holding space that actively lifts up and celebrates all identities and the bodies in which they reside and engaging in the difficult conversations that are required to grow in this work.

If Youth Committee seems like a good fit for you, we’d love to have you on our team! Fill out and submit the following application by Friday, August 23rd! If not, don't worry! We'd love to see you at any of our other annual events like our Youth Leadership Summit, Fall Symposium, or maybe at Action Camp 2020. Thanks for checking us out! 

Have questions? Reach out directly to Nat Duran, Youth Engagement Manager.

Youth Committee 2019-20 Application

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Name you go by
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Youth Committee is a space that strives to be inclusive of all identities. Some of this information is required by our funders; please use whatever language feels best to you and don't answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable.
(for example: Black, Latinx, Korean, white, etc.)
This is your chance to explain to us why you want to join our leadership team! Please respond to the questions below in 7-10 sentences per question. We won't be looking at your grammar or spelling, so don't worry about everything being "perfect". Be true to yourself in your responses and let your passion shine through!
As a member of GSA Network's National Association, the Alliance commits to uplifting platforms rooted in Racial and Gender Justice as led by our Youth Committee members.
Help us make sure our YC spaces meet your needs as best as possible!
Ex. "I'm in my school's musical this fall, which has after school rehearsals 3-6 on Tuesday and Thursday and then we have tech the week before we open. I also participate in another youth leadership group one Saturday a month."
Ex. "I can't navigate stairs and need elevator access." or "I have asthma that can be triggered by seasonal factors."

Thank you so much for your application!

The deadline for application submissions is 8pm on Friday, August 23rd. On or before Tuesday, August 27th you will receive an email inviting you to schedule an interview with Nat and a current Youth Committee member.