Interview with Courtney Munn, Youth Committee

The Alliance: Will you be voting in this election?

Courtney: I will be voting.

The Alliance:  Why do you think it is important for youth to vote?

Courtney: Not only do our voices need to be heard, but we are the future of this country. So the people who run this country will affect our future.

The Alliance: What issues are important to you?

Courtney: As a High school Junior, College and its affordability is really important to me. Some key issues for me are Trans rights, racial profiling and income inequality as well.  

The Alliance: What can young people do to learn more about this election?

Courtney: Look into what the big issues are. Get the facts from a source that is as unbiased as possible, then make your own decisions. Also there is this really great website called iSideWith. If you take their quiz, it will tell you which 2016 presidential candidate you are most aligned with. It's a cool website. Check it out. 

Get Registered! - If you are 18 and over get registered to vote!  If you are under 18 you can still push elected officials by writing letters that explain how these bills, if passed, would impact you and/or your friends and community.