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At the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, we want Action Camp to be as awesome of an experience as possible for all participants. One of the ways we can ensure this is by letting you know ahead of time what Action Camp is actually like, so you can decide if camp will be a good fit for you! Below is some information about camp that can help you make this decision. Si tu o tus padres hablan español y necesitan ayuda traduciendo las formas o tienen preguntas, por favor contáctanos a través de 

Action Camp is camp! This means we’ll be in the middle of the woods where there are bugs and toads and other woodland creatures! This may be different sleeping environment than you're used to (ex. crickets at night, sharing a cabin with up to 20 other campers, or in a tent with 3 other people). We will primarily be in large cabins with power (so there’s still plenty of chances to charge your devices), but some programming will take place outside (so you'll definitely need comfortable hot weather clothing, sunblock, hats, and bug spray). Though cabins will have lights, you will need a flashlight to get around camp in the evenings. 

Action Camp can’t happen without your brilliance! While we try to incorporate as much balance between work and fun as possible, campers are expected to come ready to learn from their fierce peers throughout the state who are leading the safer schools movement through their work in GSAs (which we see as helpful vehicles to enact change in school communities towards racial and gender justice). This means we need campers to participate in programming. The magic of Action Camp lies within all of y’all! It’s a fact!

Action Camp is revolutionary! Because the work of the Alliance is rooted in anti-oppression frameworks, we work really hard to create a space at Action Camp that doesn’t replicate harmful systems of oppression that many of our campers might experience on a daily basis. We ask that campers come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and unlearn with care and compassion in community with others. Additionally, we ask all campers to commit to holding space that actively lifts up and celebrates all identities and the bodies in which they reside. If you are coming from a home community that doesn't as strongly emphasize these values, it may be a bit of a culture shock to be in such a youth-centered and body positive space. 

Action Camp can be intense! While we often get the overwhelming feedback from campers that camp is an incredible experience, we also know that, for some, the number of folks who attend, the subject matters that are discussed, and a whole bunch of other factors might make camp an emotionally challenging experience. Toda la programación será en inglés, pero haremos todo lo posible por acomodar habitaciones con respecto a necesidades de lenguaje. We work really hard to build out systems of support; if there are particular ways you would need to be supported (or if you have any questions), please feel free to reach us at

This year's Action Camp will take place from August 5th-August 9th. For safety reasons, we don't make the location of camp publicly known (it is within 60 miles of Chicago), but if you are invited to attend camp, the location will be made available to you after registration. Additionally, Action Camp is always made available via sliding scale from $0 - 300 and no camper is ever turned away for lack of funds. 

Now that you're a little more familiar with camp, hopefully you've got a good idea of how you would feel in the Action Camp environment. If camp seems like a good fit for you, fill out and submit the application below! If not, don't worry! We'd love to see you at any of our other annual events like our Youth Leadership Summit, Fall Symposium, or maybe at Action Camp 2020. Thanks for checking us out! 

Action Camp 2019 Camper Application

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The deadline for application submissions is 8pm on Tuesday, April 30th. On or before Tuesday, May 21st you will receive an email letting you know that you’ve either been accepted, not accepted, or put on the wait list. We appreciate your patience and hope to see you with us at Action Camp 2019!!!