Alliance Youth Leader Honored with Chicago Foundation for Women's Impact Award

Katya Mazon, a member of the Alliance Youth Committee for more than two years, has been honored with the Pioneer Award from the Chicago Foundation for Women. Katya, a fierce straight ally in the LGBTQ rights movement, organizes youth summits; leads workshops on strengthening Gay Straight Alliances, developing leadership skills, addressing racism in schools, supporting friends with mental illness, and understanding the impact of misogyny; helped organize the Alliance’s first ever Leadership Action Camp; and has led workshops for adult educators on the intersections of racism, classism, heterosexism and cissexism in the classroom. In addition to educating and organizing, Katya has been leading Youth Committee efforts to advocate for policies supporting transgender and gender non-conforming students in Chicago Public Schools. These policies will ensure that transgender students are supported and safe to use bathrooms, locker rooms, names and pronouns that correspond with their gender identity.

Not only is Katya an instrumental leader with the Alliance, she is also on the board of the National Runaway Safeline and has organized events for the LGBTQA Youth Ministries program at Wesley United Methodist Church in Cicero. At 17, Katya has accomplished more for her many communities than others have accomplished in a lifetime. She is strong, outspoken and dedicated to the rights of LGBTQ youth, youth of color, and youth living with mental illness. Above all, Katya works to educate others on how racism, classism, heterosexism and misogyny impact all people, and is dedicated to changing the systems that perpetrate these oppressions. 

The Chicago Foundation for Women’s Impact Awards event is being held on March 13. Please consider joining the Alliance to celebrate Katya’s commitment and leadership. Tickets available HERE.