What is house bill 6073?

On February 11, 2016, State Representative and long-time Alliance Advocate, Greg Harris (D-Chicago) introduced House Bill 6073. If passed, this bill would amend the Illinois Vital Records Act to make the process for changing the sex designation on an Illinois Birth Certificate consistent with other Illinois and Federal processes for changing the sex marker on identification. Currently, the law requires individuals who want to change their birth certificate to have an affidavit from a physician stating the individual has had an “operation.” This language is outdated and inconsistent with recommendations from The American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, World Professional Association for Transgender Health, and the National Association of Social Workers.


 Bill specific includes:

  • Defines Licensed Medical or Mental Health Professional as "a person licensed to practice as a medical or mental health professional in Illinois or any other state or country."
  • Defines Intersex Condition as "a condition in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy or chromosome pattern that does not fit typical definitions of male or female."
  • Changes a reference from "sex change" to "change of sex designation."

Who is Representative Greg Harris?

State Representative Greg Harris (D) was elected to the Illinois General Assembly in 2006. Harris serves as State Representative for the 13th District which includes parts of Uptown, Ravenswood, Lincoln Square, North Center, West Ridge and Bowmanville. Harris, who is openly living with HIV, is an openly gay elected official in the State of Illinois. He is Chairman of the Appropriation–Human Services Committee, and serves on the Insurance (Vice Chairman), Tourism and Conventions (Vice Chairman), Executive and Restorative Justice Committees. He is a member of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR), the Illinois Juvenile Justice Leadership Council and the joint Legislative Health Insurance Exchange Committee.  He also serves as chairman on the Violence Prevention Task Force and is a member of the Racial and Ethnic Impact Research Task Force and the Quality of Life Board.

Why is this Bill Important?
House Bill 6037, if passed will allow Intersex and Transgender individuals to amend their birth certificates with having to go through gender re-assignment surgery. This bill is important because not all people who identify as Intersex or Transgender are able or want to have re-assignment surgery. By removing this requirement it affirms that gender is not based on sex or genitalia but rather how a person chooses to identify. 

What is the status of HB 6073?
The bill was introduced in early February and will go to the House Rules Committee. 
How does a bill become a law in Illinois?

What Can You Do?

Get Informed - Learn about these bills and other like it. Educate your community by holding informational sessions and skill shares.
Get Connected - Learn who your State Representatives are and contact them, tell them that you want them to support House Bill 6073 and that you want them to vote no on House Bill 4474.
Get Engaged - The Alliance works with schools and districts throughout the state of Illinois by providing Professional Development, Trans Inclusion Policy, and Youth Engagement. Support the Alliance's work by signing up to volunteer, liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.