Thoughts from Youth Committee, Board, and Staff:

"The biggest takeaway for me, as a youth leader, is how Creating Change left me thinking about how to create a more inclusive space and how to facilitate conversations where people have very different opinions." Skylar, Youth Committee

"As an Alliance co-founder and board member, I was very happy to see the strong support from the staff and board members. Alliance representation on the youth activities and community housing committees greatly increased the capacity of the conference." - Mary F. Morten, Conference Co-Chair, #CC16

“#CC16, was a way to connect with people that are fighting for the same things you are and way to learn from people that are fighting for causes you might not even know about.” - Jordee Yanez, Youth Justice Coordinator

 "I feel like it’d be remiss of me to not acknowledge the splendor of the Presidential Suite setting for the Youth Hospitality Suite at Creating Change, but there’s no doubt that the incredible energy that permeated that space throughout the tenure of the conference was solely in thanks to the young people who frequented it.  Whether to share a meal, sneak in a quick nap, express artistic creativity or participate in impromptu dance parties, the fierce folks at the heart of that space totally and completely made it their own and it was an honor to bear witness to the process. And if we thought the energy in the Suite was high, nothing could prepare us for the amazing displays of self-expression and joy that made frequent appearance at the MasQUEERade Saturday night!" Nat Duran, Youth Engagement Coordinator, Creating Change Host Committee

"Both Alliance staff and fellow board members made a strong showing at Creating Change this year. We presented on panels, participated in workshops, and engaged with LGBTQ activists and allies from around the country. I'm proud of the work we do and am thrilled we had a chance to showcase our strengths at Creating Change." - Rebecca Kling, Housing Committee co-chair


The Alliance presented at a session on Trans/Gender Inclusion policies at this year's Creating Change Conference. Presenters included the Allaince's excutive director, Anthony Papini; policy and advocacy director, Owen Daniel-McCarter, youth committee leader, Zaiden Sowle and elementary school principal from the Berwyen South School District 100, Jeremy Majeski