The GSA Corner


The Illinois Safe Schools Alliance is taking on some new territory over the next few months exploring new, fun and exciting ways to engage young people in the safe schools movement. The Alliance is creating the first ever Gay-Straight Alliance Curriculum specifically geared toward Illinois. The sections are designed to allow young people involved in GSAs to pick and choose from a variety of topics from GSA organizing, creating trans-affirming spaces, education justice, and LGBTQ history. We are excited to be working with a strong group of students and advisors to insure we have input from the people that will be directly impacted. Along with the creation of the curriculum, we have rolled out new Gay-Straight Alliance social media accounts and are preparing to launch our #ONE_GSA online campaign.


We are all unique individuals on the spectrum. We are all pillars, supporters and members who have come together to create change through our student-led Gay Straight Alliances. We share stories, struggles and celebrations. We are #One_GSA.


GSA members will take part in this online video and photo campaign to build community and unite GSAs across the state of Illinois. To see all the great work GSAs are doing, check out the Alliance Facebook page at IllinoisSafeSchoolsAlliance.


To expand on our statewide mission, we will be holding our first ever Uniting Change GSA networking event in the Champaign-Urbana area in February. GSAs in southern Illinois are doing great work in the safe schools movement, and we are excited to see all their great work!


Other upcoming opportunities uniting GSAs are the Day of Silence Youth Summit in March and the annual Alliance Night of Noise in April. Stay informed with the #ONE_GSA campaign for more news and updates.