Professional Development


Providing high quality, accessible professional development for school personnel, social service providers and government officials, the Alliance’s educational workshops and training programs focus on sexual orientation and gender identity within a broader social justice and anti-oppression framework. Alliance staff and volunteers work closely with participants to create specially tailored sessions for each context that are both engaging and educational.  To schedule a Professional Development workshop click here to fill out the Intake Form. 


Professional Development Workshops

Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Students is a 90-minute, introductory workshop geared toward youth supporting professionals. It focuses on building a foundational understanding of gender identity and expression and how to support transgender young people.


Creating Affirming Learning Environments is a 90-minute, introductory workshop geared towards classroom teachers and student support staff. It focuses on the experiences and needs of LGBTQ+ young people in school setting.  It includes opportunities for reflection, dialogue, and skill building.   


Legal Rights of Transgender Youth is a 60-minute overview of the changing legal landscape around transgender student’s rights. It is designed to inform schools of the responsibility for serving all students, including transgender and gender expansive students through examining current, relevant legal cases. It includes examples of districts that have implemented effective and affirming Administrative Procedures in Illinois.


These training topics can be adapted in a multitude of ways. The Alliance also customizes workshops to meet the needs of Districts and Schools.

The base structure for our professional development workshops is as follows:

  • $200 for a one-hour training
  • $300 for a 90-minute training
  • $400 for a two-hour training
  • $500 for a three-hour training
  • $650 for a four-hour training
  • $800 for a five-hour training
  • $1000 for a full day training


  • No charge for travel in a 20-mile radius of Alliance offices.
  • For a radius greater than 20-miles of Alliance offices we ask for reimbursement of our travel at a rate of $0.54/mile.

The Alliance also offers consulting services for schools and Districts regarding violence prevention, creating inclusive curriculum, policy development, etc. Our consulting rates are as follows:

  • $100/hour in person
  • $50/hour remote
  • Additional expenses may be incurred

We offer a sliding scale to schools and districts for all services where cost would be prohibitive.

To schedule a Professional Development Workshop or Policy Consultation please visit our website, click on the “Professional Development” tab on the top of the page, and fill out the “intake form”